Various Artists | 2010

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Like all its previous releases, BineMusic's first compilation is more about quality than quantity, and yet it had to be released on double vinyl (and download).

At the end of the day, new and upcoming artists like Severence (whose album we can't wait for now) should be accommodated just as much as those we have loved for years. Düsseldorf artist Lars Leonhard, who's already well known among fellow techno freaks, makes his debut for Bine and starts off with the Twin Peaks-y but lovely grooving "Citylights", Thomas Touzimsky, who's usually pulling strings behind the scenes, pleases us with a chirring beat "Insect". A remarkably straight Scanner track reminding us of the better side of trance is followed by the minimal house sounds of TOL (raster-noton). Move D's live recording back from the 90s paves the way for a warm, guitar chord driven ambient piece by New Zealand's Ben Swire. Along with Move D, Benjamin Brunn is one of the label's cornerstones and finds his place among Taylor Deupree aka Ando and Marconi Union (whose beautiful "Toyko" still rings in our ears).

What unifies all of them is the idea of combining thoughts of both abstraction and emotion which also shows in the formidable artwork - the head starts sweating while the legs dissect the beats.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Please fasten your seatbelts, we're floating into the outer space of your mind!" (Written by Karsten Zimalla)

Release Date // April 12, 2010

Format // Digital Album // 2xLP

Catalog Nr // BINE VYR23

EAN // 880319450617