Scanner | Reason by Heart, Sleep By Twilight

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Scanner’s music is both tiny and grand. It is like the delicate movement of a watch spinning through space. Microscopic clicks, wood blocks and everyday sounds are painted over rumbling, dark canvases.” (the guardian newspaper, London) Scanner is recognised for his sensitivity to sound and space.

Through recorded works, performances and installations he continues to explore a world that shifts between digital pop culture and visual arts. For Reason By Heart, Sleep By Twilight, he has created a dreamy, insular world.

Recorded exclusively for binemusic, this work is a tangled web of scrawling, spidery sounds wrapped around a central muted rhythmic motif, that slowly draws you into its sensual vision.

Release Date // February 23, 2005

Format // Digital Album // CD

Catalog Nr // BINE CD07

EAN // 880319143328