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BineMusic, first time on vinyl. "MUSIC UNDER PIN" is the new album by Benjamin Brunn and is supported by remixes from Move D, Scanner, Thomas Touzimsky and Wendt, adding their own fingerprint to tracks from Benjamin's album "König und Drache" (Bine 005CD).

Not only known for his solo releases on his own label Source-Records, Fax or even Warp, Move D (David Moufang) also received critial acclaim for his co-productions with Jonas Grossmann (Deep Space Network) or both Jamie Hodge and Kai Kroker under their Studio Pankow moniker ("Linienbusse", scheduled for release on City Centre Offices soon) among others. Scanner already has three releases out in 2005, but there is no sign of boredom yet when, after his more sinister "Reason by Heart, Sleep by Twilight" (Bine 007CD), he applies his own signature to benjamin's "König und Drache", creating a completely new atmosphere. Alexander Wendt hosts 2K3- FREQUENZEN, a radio show on Resonance FM in London and has already written various tracks for 8bitrecs, 12x50 and room40. Thomas Touzimsky is best known for his BineMusic ep "Fold" (Bine 003CD), various soundtracks for other people's projects and the KLF remix album "Remodelled & Remixed".

It's hard to describe the mixture on this release, ranging from sharp edges and spiky needles over playing kids and cornflakes to candyfloss, stormclouds and holey skyscraper storefronts. For us, "MUSIC UNDER PIN" is the result of euphony research within an area between white noise and pop.

The raw material for "ECHOES OF BCN" was captured in Barcelona by Benjamin Brunn with his minidisc recorder only. The other three tracks ("RAVAL CAT", "DOT OBSESSION" and "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS") were crafted in the usual manner, from a single nord modular patch; the nord modular is his only instrument. Limiting his range of sounds lets Benjamin focus his attention on the smallest bits, leading to the best result: "Get the most out of it". When the product of this work flow gets released on vinyl along the mixes by artists like Move D and Scanner, it leads to something like "MUSIC UNDER PIN": music that carries itself and each other.

Release Date // June 23, 2005

Format // Digital Album // LP

Catalog Nr // BINE VYR08

EAN // 880319109010