Bedouin Ascent & Move D | Interference

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What happens when two friends and fellow space-heads, high on TR-808s, analogue synths and 8-bit digital debris, rendezvous in the blistering heat of the Berlin summer in the midst of the heady love parade? Well, that's the story that unfolds in this new release on binemusic...

Kingsuk Biswas, as Bedouin Ascent was a leading figure of the early UK Techno scene with releases on rising high, Ninja tune, Virgin, Island, etc. Bedouin Ascent’s music grew out of the post-punk/industrial sounds of the early 1980s, and eventually became part of England’s burgeoning club scene in the early 90s. His fusion of African, Indian, and Indonesian musical structures with experimental and electronic music had found a home in collaborations with Bill Laswell, BJ Cole, Coldcut, Jon Hassell, Zakir Hussain and many others.

In the summer of 1995 both Bedouin Ascent and the Source Records head honcho Move D (aka David Moufang) played live sets at the Interference festival, which took place in Berlin during the love parade. In the week that followed, and still buzzing from the creative caldron that was three days of Berlin techno, Kingsuk and David decided to continue the party and hang low at the communal km20 studio in Heidelberg.

The tracks bought together on this release feature many of the live jams and improvisations they immersed themselves in over those long summer nights almost 15 years ago. These sessions are represented here as they were laid down. no post production, overdubs or re-editing; you just get to hear the full interaction of the TR808, TR909, MS-20, Pro-One, Frontline X2, Yamaha TX802, etc... spontaneously as it was performed in 1995.

Beautifully 'out of hand' these runaway compositions breath gently without the urgency of a lot of newer computer music. Sometimes the sounds are barely contained by the filters and patch leads, and the instinctive touch of David and kingsuk find ways to pull it back and tame the circuits. The warm and sensual sound evokes the optimism of the era and the desire to take electronic music to new heights amid the ever encroaching commercialisation of mainstream Techno. It still sounds fresh and compelling today - probably especially interesting to those mapping the trajectories of Drum & Bass, Broken Beat, and Dubstep as they continue to scatter in their myriad forms.

The musical sensibility demonstrated in this release was as much a blueprint for the future as it was a celebration of the present.

Release Date // April 26, 2010

Format // Digital Album // Mini LP

Catalog Nr // BINE VYR21

EAN // 880319434617