Lemabine” is a German electronic music record label established in 2019. Based in Essen, Germany, it emerged from the fusion of BineMusic, founded by Jens Rößger-Wüste and Sabine Wüste in 2003, and Lemastudio, a sublabel which was run by Leon Wüste.

“The collective label’s aesthetic focus is on rhythmic, minimal electronic music alternating between playful pop and introspection.” (Jens Rößger-Wüste)

Born in 1980, Thomas Touzimsky already came into contact with both classical and electronic music in his childhood. Besides a classical music education, he was equally influenced by the legendary SID sound of the C64, which laid the foundation for his love of synthetic music. The constantly changing world of electronic genres influenced him during his youth as well as the cult soundtracks of the 80s. Due to these numerous influences Thomas feels as much at home in rhythmic electronic music as in the cinematic soundscapes of ambient worlds, which is reflected in his music that constantly tries to combine the best of both sound worlds.

In addition to numerous projects under different names and just as many genres, Thomas released his eponymous EP under the artist name Fold in 2003 on the then still young BineMusic label. More tracks and remixes followed until 2010, before he dedicated himself to other music genres again. In 2024 he finally returns to Lemabine with his new EP "Strength In Irrational Numbers" to add a new chapter of minimalistic electronic sounds to his growing list of releases.

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